180 Days to New Body Chemistry

I’m giving myself six months to change the chemistry of my body. Sounds a little intense, maybe a little crazy. Possibly impossible. But potentially possible. I saw diet, and detox start to kill cancer this summer. I’ve learned more about nutrition, the backdoor politics of the American medical system, the profit-driven pharmaceutical companies, and the importance of being an educated patient in the last eight months than I have in my whole life.

I’m not battling cancer, I don’t struggle with physical ailments that make life impossible, or even difficult. I wake up in the morning, probably like most middle aged women… a little tired, maybe a few aches and pains. Throughout the day I experience some physical unpleasantries, but nothing major. I consider myself healthy. I can run a 5K (I’m not going to lie… I’d really have to push myself, but I could do it!). I am on track to live a long life. But, when I really think about it… I am on several medications, and most days I would say I physically just feel OK. Could I feel better? Yes. Yes, I could. So, why am I just settling for feeling OK?

I’ll tell you why. Because that’s what is easy. Because my exhaustion is normal… I’m busy. Because my underactive thyroid is very common for women my age. Because acid reflux is prevalent in America. BUT WHY IS THIS NORMAL? WHY IS THIS COMMON? WHY IS THIS JUST ACCEPTED AS ‘THE WAY THAT IT IS?’. And since when is EASY, the right path?

Time to consciously take my health into my own hands. I saw my dad completely change his eating habits, start doing coffee enemas (yep… it is exactly what it sounds like),  live his life revolving around juicing, and taking supplements. It was clearly not easy… but he was beating cancer. The tests proved it.

I’m going to be transparent through this journey. I could fail, I know. If I do, that’ll suck, but I’ll still be healthier than I am today. And I will be better informed about how things affect my body.

Here are the issues I want resolved and my goals. It will be no walk in the park!

#1- I have HPV (Human Papillomavirus). This little booger of a virus affects an estimated 79 million Americans. There are certain strains that increase the likely-hood of getting cervical cancer. I am one of the lucky ones that test positive for one of these strains every six months. So every six months I get a PAP, most often followed by a biopsy, or other expensive and unpleasant procedure. I want it gone. Why can my body fight off flu viruses, but this one is sticking around? My next PAP will be scheduled for summer. Let’s see if I can beat this SOB of a virus before then.

#2- I have been diagnosed as having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Several years ago, I went to the doctor and had some very random, and seemingly normal symptoms… I was exhausted (but I was the working mom of three young children, of course I was exhausted!), I was constipated (I assumed I wasn’t eating enough fiber), I was always cold (I’m quite skinny; everyone said I didn’t have any insulation), my eyes were so dry they hurt (Dry Eye syndrome is ‘normal’), my nails were dry and peeling (probably lacking some vitamin), my joints were achy (age). The doc did blood tests and my levels of thyroid hormone were on the low side of normal; he put me on meds anyways. The meds did help, although not all my symptoms went away. Now my hormone levels are in a healthy, normal range, but I still have some side effects. Why? If you ask my endocrinologist, he said it’s ‘normal’ and maybe I should eat less broccoli. SERIOUSLY?? I want these random side effects gone. I want my thyroid to be healthy. In fact, I want every organ in my body to be functioning at its best. If that is happening, I truly believe these issues will be resolved.

#3- I have hormonal acne. Ugh. I am not a teenager, but without my medication, I break out like one. It’s bad. It started when I got pregnant with my first child. It took me eight years to get on medication. The dermatologist says I’ll be on medication until I hit menopause. I want to have healthy skin and not take medication for it!

#4- I have acid reflux. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, some studies show that 15 million Americans have some acid indigestion symptoms every day. I don’t have heartburn. I have mucous in my throat that the doctor says is acid from my stomach. Not only is this gross, and uncomfortable, but it can lead to permanent damage of my esophagus, and even increases my odds of esophageal cancer… which is what my dad is battling now. And he has acid reflux. The doctors suggest I take Prilosec. This is a proton pump inhibitor and reduces the amount of acid my stomach makes… and it also increases my risk of wrist, hip, and spinal fractures. Great. The question I have… why is my stomach producing too much acid? Oh… and there is a good chance that my acne medication is increasing my acid reflux symptoms. Imagine that.

Why am I blogging about this? Because millions of people have the same issues I do. Because we are trained to listen to our doctors, and our doctors are paid to put us on prescription medications. Because maybe, just maybe… there is a better way. And to keep myself accountable. I started exactly a month ago. I’ve made major changes. There have been days when I just wanted to give up, to cheat, to scream.

I’ve been called a idealist. That’s probably accurate. I do 100% believe that if I treat my body the way I should, that my body will treat me the way it should. Let’s see if I can make that happen in the next five months!

Join me on this journey.