A Letter

Gma_600When I grow up, I want to be a writer.

I think about writing… no, I fantasize about writing. I read about writing. I pin about writing… oh, I have such wonderful pins about writing! But, I don’t spend nearly enough time WRITING!

I pray that God bless my writing, and I hear him tell me… “Well, ‘ya better write something then!”

The reason I write so little, when I want to write so much, is partly because I lack the time. This by itself is a lame excuse. Another reason is the internal war that wages with my confidence.

Last week, I received a letter from my grandma. A letter on the most magnificent paper I’ve ever seen. The magnificence of the paper though, faded in comparison to what she wrote.

In a style all her own, she made it clear that she’d read every one of my blog posts. She related in unique ways… (Raisin bread incident in the sound 🙂 ) and I could really tell that she READ my posts.

Finally, she wrote, “If any encouragement is needed for you to make this [writing] your life’s work, just come see me”

Thank you Grandma. I bask in the encouragement this letter has given me. My soul is soaking it up. My inspiration is flared.

I don’t know where my writing will take me and sometimes I don’t even know what the point of it all is. I get down, uninspired, and just downright tired. But I have things to say. I enjoy writing. That’s what counts. I just need to make it happen, and encouragement like this definitely pushes me along…

Until we meet again…