When Will You…?

It’s so easy to focus on the negative. The negative is usually abrupt and loud, in your face, and demands to be acknowledged. The positive on the other hand is what we float through life on. It’s what carries us through day to day, but it’s quiet, behind the scenes, so often taken for granted.

Have you ever been shaken by an unexpected bill or expense? It demands your attention, and it can stress you out! But how often do you consider the fact that every month you have the money to buy food, pay your bills, and cover your necessities?

Do you take time in the morning to caress your wife’s back before crawling out of bed? Or listen to your husband breathing before he awakens? How often do you thank your lucky stars? Or could your morning routine be done just the same without that man or woman? Is the relationship only in the forefront of your mind when something goes wrong, or you have a need unmet?

You may focus on the $800 bill when your transmission goes out… but did you pay any attention to the 364 days your vehicle ran smoothly and took you from place to place?

Do you take note of your student’s A’s and B’s, and appreciate them when they come home on time… or is the majority of your parental strength spent on the C’s and D’s, and when they staggered in the house 20 minutes late?

When do you take the time to see the positive? The negative… it’ll scream at you, but the positive will only be seen with intention. The old saying, “Stop and smell the roses,” is so perfect, because if you don’t, all you’ll see is the weeds.

Live with intention. Put your phone down. Turn off the TV. Sit in the dangerous quiet. Listen to yourself think. Contemplate your life; where it’s going, and who you want to be. SEEK OUT THE POSITIVE, OR YOU WON’T FIND IT. Don’t take life for granted.

When will you take the time to see the positive?