The Faith Coin

No matter which side of the faith coin you choose… it costs you something. If I live my life following Christ, and I’m wrong… the cost is wasted time during this life. If you live your life without Christ, and you are wrong… the cost is your eternity.

You aren’t truly following Christ if your choice is made out of fear, or as a safety precaution. But that concept should at least make you think. Make you investigate. Make you consider.

I know there are reasons people choose not to believe in God… pride, fear, convenience, among other things. On the surface, life appears to be easier when we only have ourselves to answer to, our own standards to create and live up to. It’s a ME world out there, and you fit in better when it’s all about ME and what I believe is RIGHT, based on MY experiences and MY values. The same people will bad mouth humanity as the fires rage through the gorge or mass murders happen in Africa… and then turn around and want to trust the human instinct when it comes to values.

We are devastated when a hurricane hits, or wildfires spread, or someone is elected that we don’t agree with. Those are big deals, and I’m not downplaying them. But in the scheme of life, of existence… those are just passing events on a never-ending timeline. A lifetime from now, the flood waters will have receded, Mother Nature will be rebuilding, and another politician will have been elected.

While we spend so much time stressing over things we can’t fix, we have little ones watching our every move and not learning a single thing about their eternal value, their worth to the same God that lovingly created them, with a purpose and destiny AND named the stars. Who cares if your first grader can read at a third grade level if they’ll spend the majority of their existence in pain, and suffering, in Hell? Oh… you don’t know if you believe that? Well, for the sake of your children… you should probably make damn sure you are right. It’s not trying to decide if you should buy your kids the purple backpack or the blue backpack. Your kids will ultimately make their own decision to follow Christ or not, but they will also make their own decision to be a criminal or not… but as a parent, it is our duty to guide them.

It is so easy to stress, and worry, and feel overwhelmed by that which will be gone in the blink of an eye.

This life is fleeting. Here today and gone tomorrow. A flower that makes the field beautiful for its time, but all too soon is nothing but dust.

Eternity is forever. I am an eternal being. My spirit will live forever in the presence of the One whom created me and yearns for a relationship with me…. where there will be no more pain, no more sorrow. What about you?