Election 2020

Red for a reason

The big day is here. Election 2020, when America votes for her next leader… and chaos is sure to follow.

Last night I was in book study with a group of amazing, solid women. One of our gals dubbed us as the Trouble Group because we’re usually the loudest. We get deep, but we laugh and have a great time. Last night was different. It was heavy. Anxiety revolving around this election is real. I didn’t get the impression any of us are extremely anxious about WHO wins. We’re anxious about the pandemonium that is sure to ensue after the results are in. One of the candidates will win, but America won’t.

I support the Republican party. I was thrilled to vote for some local candidates that are phenomenal people and would make excellent leaders in Washington State. I voted for Donald Trump… not because he’s a phenomenal person, but because I appreciate the platforms his administration stands on, and the work he’s accomplished from the oval office.

I 100% think that Trump would be a better leader than Biden. I don’t like that Biden has been in politics most of his adult life, and now says he will change things. I don’t like that I will probably pay more taxes if Biden is elected. I don’t like that bullies label me as a racist, sexist, and multiple other things because I vote for Trump. The bullying is out of control. I’m not those things. I helped on the campaign of a black man running for senate. I excitedly voted for a Hispanic woman for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I voted for a president that is married to a minority. I supported a black woman running for congress from Chicago. Just as a few examples. Those that label me that… how diverse is your ballot? Well, I guess you can probably say you voted for a president with a minority vice president. Next question… I voted for my people not based on race or sex, but based on merit… is that why you support your VP?? (Seems like she’s got a lot of background that doesn’t exactly align with the left’s mantras these days…)

With all that being said… aside from maybe paying more in taxes if Biden becomes president, will my life really be that drastically different? No. (Side note: if the Dems completely take control, I do worry about things like our second amendment, among other things, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves)

I will be ecstatic to wake up tomorrow to see my candidates be donned the victors in this treacherous campaign. I will be disappointed if they lose. But then I will go about my day. I will live my life. I will continue to be me. I won’t lose my head, or throw a tantrum, or go vandalize something. To the people that plan to do those things… Please, for the sake of our country… GROW UP. We can’t always get what we want. Were we not taught this as a child? Next election season, maybe your guy (or gal) will win.

If Mr Joe Biden snatches the victory tonight, I pledge to respect the position of the Presidency. I will not criticize Biden’s every move. I will not make fun of his hiccups in speaking. I will not repost the memes that are sure to be funny, but insulting to him. I will seek out the good his administration does. It has been frustrating to see so many people focus on the negative about Trump and not giving a second glance to the good he’s doing. I want America to succeed and if that means a president that I don’t like needs to succeed… I’m OK with that. I am blown away at how many Americans are willing to sacrifice this country if it means Trump fails.

Let’s just stop being assholes. Let’s start having compassion for one another again. Let’s get back to putting America first, even if that means that YOUR candidate isn’t the one getting accolades for the success. Please stop being blinded by your hate for Trump (he is totally arrogant and not very likable in many ways… I don’t argue that), and start focusing on positive things. Another lesson from childhood… If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! (OH… you post those things on Facebook to educate the rest of us. Not to spark hate and division. Uh-huh)

One man cannot destroy this country. Trump cannot destroy America. Biden cannot destroy America. You and I. You and I have the power to pull this country apart… one Facebook post at a time, one riot at a time.

In the words of Patrick Henry, “United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.”