Nice picture, eh? Guess what I just got done doing. WOW… some of y’all need to clean that mind of yours. I just got done getting a massage. My massage therapist is amazing. She is a healer. That sounds a little hoo hoo… but it’s true. She has helped me thru grief and has done unbelievable things for my body and my mind. (If you live in the Vancouver/Portland area, hit me up and I’ll give you her contact info… even though I don’t think she’s taking new clients… so there’s that.)

Today we discussed some back and neck issues (Jesse and I have been sleeping on our mattress UPSIDE DOWN. lol. Yep. It happens, what can I say). And I told her how I’ve been both unmotivated and undisciplined lately. She told me that it’s a plus that I am aware of it and the key to finish pulling myself out of this hole is to be intentional. Yes. Intentional. Because I am a list person, the best way I can commit to be intentional is to make a list. So here we go. For the month of November… I will be very intentional by doing the following:

#1- Make a List Everyday

Did I mention I am a list person? I can always tell when my life is out-of-control, or if I am operating off-the-cuff or inefficiently… I don’t have a list. Without a list I feel like I am a dehydrated wanderer in the desert, chasing every oasis on the horizon. Like a goldfish in a bowl, swimming tirelessly in circles looking for the great wide-open sea. Like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day, but in a kitchen with a magical sink that just keeps filling up with dirty dishes. Ok, you get it.

I also love the feeling of crossing things off the list. I feel so accomplished. I’ve literally added things to my list that I already did, just so I can cross them off. Tell me I’m not the only one.

#2- Walk Daily

This will be a challenge because I don’t actually LIKE walking every day. However, before crawling into the mental hole I am currently in, I was walking daily and it was great for my body and my mental health. Plus my dog is 77 years old (she thinks she’s human, so we’re going with her human age) and needs to walk every day. Good for me. Good for my old pup.

#3- Watch TV or a Movie at least twice per week

I choose tasks over entertainment, especially if I am stressed. I find TV and movies quite enjoyable and I want to take the time to watch them more. Life isn’t all about accomplishment (I’m not going to lie… I totally plan to add Watch TV to my list so I can cross it off). Life is meant to be fun. After all… All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and no doubt it would make Stephanie a dull girl too.

I think I’ll start tonight by watching Wizard of Oz. My husband will be SO EXCITED!!!

#4- Read Daily

This not only satisfies the play needed in my life, but also works my brain muscle. I love learning. I love reading. I love books. What is life without reading? I never want to know.

#5- No Texting While Driving

I should be ashamed this even needs to be on my list. But here I am proclaiming to the world (or at least the 150 subscribers I have) that I have been failing at having this boundary in my life. If my life is so busy that I can’t even drive 10 minutes without handling a phone message… something is wrong. I am not going to list the reasons why this is so important. For my own safety and those around me… I will stop texting and driving. This is the beginning of re-capturing my day. Every hour… back under my dominion, not me being a victim of time flying past me.

#6- Mental Mantra and Better Body Care

I KNOW what I need to do to keep my mind and body healthy. Stay in the moment. Focus on the positive. Remember that NOTHING is the end of world. Go with the flow. Eat better. Stretch. Breathe deep. Respect my Sabbath time. My mentor has these sticky notes she gives out… they say, What Does This Woman Need? Good question. I need to pay attention to myself and be more aware of how I am feeling. Time to get back to it.

#7- Write

I commit to stay out of my own head… I am definitely my own worse critic. I am going to write when I feel the impulse without overthinking it. I’ll write for me.

#8, #9, #10- Sing More, Laugh More, and realize this life is whatever I want to make it. How refreshing.