In Life and Death


My family means more than anything to me. I do everything I can to make sure their needs are met.

What would happen if I died? The thought horrifies me. Obviously this isn’t the hottest conversation topic, but it’s a subject that I need to think about. I need not dwell upon it night and day. But part of being a good parent, and a good wife is being prepared for the unexpected.

me on floor

That is why I am getting my blood drawn. Ugh. I have a strong aversion to needles. That’s why I am lying down… on my office floor… Sometimes I peacefully pass out, sometimes I faint and convulse, sometimes I breathe deep, keep my eyes far away from the needle and survive while conscious. Today… I succeeded in keeping a grip on consciousness!! WooHoo!

The reason why I am here with Pam the paramedical examiner, allowing her to take my precious blood is that I recently reviewed my life insurance and realized that it’s not up to par with what I would want it to accomplish. If I choose to do everything I can NOW to take care of my family, why would I want anything different for them if I were no longer with them?

My goal isn’t to make my family rich if I die, it is to make sure they could move on without stressing about finances. It isn’t about MY life with them… it is about THEIR life, whether I’m there or not. Mucho Importante! A Great life insurance website is or of course you can ask me because insurance agent is one of my hats… and today I am practicing what I preach.

Until we meet again…

… This is what I really looked like when I realized I wasn’t going to pass out… I gotta be real 🙂

crazy me_600