Strawberry Fields Forever… or a Little Strawberry Patch…

Patch_600Last year was the first time I experienced the excitement of my own vegetable garden. It was a lot of work, and the food goes so fast… but it’s still worth it. The experience was mostly a success, with some failures… or surprises. For instance, I planted heirloom tomato plants, thinking they were watermelon plants. I figured the squash, zucchini, and cantaloupe tags were exaggerating about the amount of space needed for each plant; WHO has THAT much space anyways?? So, that area of my garden looked like a vegetable jungle, but I still got some great zucchini, interesting round squash, and cantaloupe.

I’m running a little behind this year. I’ve only planted pea plants, and transplanted some random strawberry plants. My grandma Linda, a Master Gardener (capitalized because she completed a Master Gardener program at Washington State University. She knows all things gardening) gave me some potted strawberry plants as well. So I officially have a strawberry patch this year.

Tonight Lexi and I picked our first strawberry harvest of the year. I didn’t expect to have any of those fleshy red balls of goodness so early!

Lexi strawberries_600

My excitement rose with each additional berry that went into the bowl. To my dismay, we found many berries gnawed on, gutted, or just a messy ball of grossness… something, besides the hubster, has been eating our strawberries!

I washed and cut the strawberries. I hate waste, so I was just going to cut off any part of a strawberry that had a sign of being gnawed on by a garden creature. The first one I cut into, a very alive potato-bug-cousin came quickly crawling out. I caught it in a jar, with the intention of finding out just who this intruder is. I’m not so interested in learning its origin as I am learning the secret of its demise. I want him and his family out of my strawberry patch!


The bug incident kind of creeped me out, so I threw out any strawberry that was questionable, cut up the rest, and we all had a very nice snack of homegrown, fresh-from-the-garden berries. My Master Gardener Grandma would be proud 🙂

Until we meet again…