A Lesson from the Garden

I’m not a great gardener, I won’t lie. I enjoy it and I have success here and there, but I’m no expert. I have my vegetable garden split into two. In the front side yard, I have a raised bed. In the back side yard, I have a series of several large containers that I plant veggies in.

This year, my back side yard was forgotten and neglected most of the time. I don’t see it, therefore out of sight, out of mind. It was only when I needed tomatoes or carrots, I would remember my garden.

Today, I thought of my neglected garden baby, and the sun was out, so I decided to go check on it.

The first thing I noticed was the lattice that was being stored over there had fallen down, and fungi had sprouted throughout the grass. Sheesh, the side yard had ‘neglected’ written all over it!

better green onions_400Then I saw the green onions I had planted (reused organic store-bought ones… so fun). They were huge! Woohoo!

Then I saw my yellow bell peppers so plump and ready to be eaten! Score!

I had carrots by the bushel (a small bushel 🙂 ). And even had some perfectly ripened tomatoes! Yippie!rotten tomatoes_400

Neglected pepper_400


There was a ton of rotted and wasted tomatoes, a destroyed pepper, and weeds taking over almost every container. I kicked myself for not taking better care of the garden. I hate waste, and there was so much of it.




I got the message though. God reminded me this evening, that no matter the mistakes we make, he’ll always provide. We may have regret, and we may not have everything we WANT all the time, but we’ll have what we need. I neglected my garden, but I still got veggies. God is good.Bowl of veggies_600

Until we meet again…