My 2015 Goals… For the World to See


The new year is upon us. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate priorities and goals. So, I’ve done just that. Without goals a person could wander through life aimlessly. Without writing down your goals, the likely-hood of them getting accomplished is slim. So, I’ve thought, I’ve written, and now I’m sharing my ten goals for 2015 with the world.

#10- Douse myself in COLD water every time I shower

I LOVE the kind of scalding showers that leave my skin red and blotchy. I don’t intendCold shower_200 on ceasing that shower ritual, but before I get out, I will crank up the cold water for at least a good rinsing. Oh how I dread this. I can feel my leg hair growing just thinking about it! Who said goals were easily accomplished though, right? I’ve read in countless sources the benefits from this, but an article in Medical Daily summarizes it perfectly; increase in alertness, refines hair and skin, improves immunity and circulation, stimulates weight loss, speeds up muscle soreness and recovery, eases stress (who couldn’t use THAT!), and relieves depression.

#9- Eat a minimum of one piece of fruit, at least 360 days this year.



You’d think this was a no-brainer, but for some reason I struggle with eating fruit! I’ve already had to change the goal to make it achievable. So this year, I pledge to eat at least one piece of fruity goodness every day (at least 360 times). I’ll force it down. I know one serving is not the recommended dose… but hey, it’s a start.




#8- Read 20 books

One of my very favorite activities is escaping into a good story, but frankly it is difficult to make the time to read sometimes. I’ll be taking advantage of, a great site with an excellent way to track what you are reading, connect with authors and fellow readers, and they also have book giveaways, and trivia.

#7- Exercise on a regular basis

I know, so cliche… but having it on my list will be motivation in itself.


#6- Minimize morning cleaning to 15 minutes during the week

I get up bright and early most mornings, but I don’t always leave the house having accomplished my a.m. goals. I read a wonderful article by Jenna Goudreau about how successful people spend their mornings. For the most part their activities consisted of exercising, reading, working on specific projects, praying, etc… one thing that NONE of them do is CLEAN! I have a slight, non-diagnosed case of OCD… if my kitchen is messy, I have a hard time putting pen to paper. If the floor needs to be swept, I have a hard time working on my cardio. I need to get over that! Because I know it is not reasonable for me to completely turn a blind eye to household chores that need to be done… I’ll give myself 15 minutes each morning. Then I’ll delegate the rest! (Or make time in the evening)

#5- Eat more organic foods

organic_200I can hear my pocket book groaning. As long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you know the benefits of eating whole and organic foods. But if you’ve shopped lately, you also know the steep price incline for these foods. I just read an article that mentioned microwave popcorn having ingredients that are linked to infertility! (I have not researched this). I don’t intend on having any more children, but I would like to be a grandma someday! I want my family to be healthy. We need to make the plunge.

#4- Complete my first Year in Pictures project


I used to joke that I’ll need an entire room to house my massive amount of photos. Now that the digital era is here, at the rate I’m going, I’ll need a room for all my flash drives, and DS cards. I snap pictures like crazy, but frankly, I’m not doing anything with my captured memories other than the annual calendar for the mother-in-law and kids’ school projects. What a waste! My plan is to create the perfect coffee table book, showcasing the best photos and memories of the past year, using an online resource (more than likely

#3- Remain debt-free

In 2014 we became one of the few American families that are DEBT-FREE (other than our house). Dave Ramsey‘s super simple plan had a lot to do with it, our determination and commitment to the goal made it a reality. My goal is to continue on this path and remain without debt, for the sake of my sanity, my family’s financial security, and most importantly, my kids’ financial outlook and future.

#2- Go to Sandisanyon

Happy kids_600

Our family enjoys trips to the beach and camping for vacation. This year, we plan to take our first ‘real’ vacation. The kids named the trip, Sandisanyon… San Francisco, Disneyland, and the Grand Canyon are the major stops, with several others along the way. So excited!!

#1- Finish at least ONE writing project by 12/31/2015Writing_400

This is by far the most daunting, the most scary, and the most challenging goal this year. I write, I hit writer’s block, I clean the kitchen. And Lord knows when I’ll pick up the pen again. I’m giving myself a deadline. I must finish at least one of my projects by the end of this year. Eek! I think I need either a reward, or a consequence… suggestions?



I fully intend on accomplishing these ten things. Today, I feel motivated, and ready to conquer the world… or my goals at least. Tomorrow, I may not feel like this. I could use all the support the next person could use, but if I fall short, or if throughout the year, I am not reaching my full potential in these areas, before you so kindly point it out to me (as if I won’t already know), feel free to read Matthew 7:1-5. Remove the plank people, and I’ll work on my speck.

Happy New Year, and happy goal accomplishing…