Now for the Resolutions…

2015 has officially started, and as my brother so eloquently put it… you’re still the same person you were yesterday. Indeed… he is correct. You have the same DNA, the same job, same hair color (maybe not), belong to the same family, and suffer the same bad habits on January 1st as you did on December 31st. With that being said… why not strive for better? Why not look at yourself and your life and RESOLVE to live better, live on purpose, and enjoy each breath you are blessed with?

The 10 goals I wrote about earlier, are things I want to DO this year. My resolutions are more about WHO I want to BE.

New Year Resolutions

* I will live with expectation of success and joy

* I will “Play” more… Ping pong, movies, Wii, or simply just hanging out. Life’s too short, and my kids will be out of the house in the blink of an eye. It’s time to play.

* I will delegate more.

* I will strive for organization.

* I will read my Bible everyday and make a conscious effort to enhance my relationship with God.

* I will live with the mentality of a Proverbs 31 woman, modeling her strength and compassion.

* I will pray specifically and expectationally.

* I WILL BE THE PERSON I WANT MY HUSBAND TO BE AND MY KIDS TO GROW UP TO BE. I will do my best to teach lessons and express expectations with my actions more than my words.

It may be just another year, but I don’t intend to waste it. What are your intentions with this new year that is unfolding in front of you… waiting for you to shape it?