TV… Ain’t What it Used to Be!

Nick at Nite_400Saturday night, Jesse and I found ourselves without kids. We could do whatever we wanted! So, we decided to get comfy and browse Netflix. Screw the grown-up, go-out world. A night in was the perfect plan for this couple.

Much to my poor husband’s chagrin, I had an urge to watch some good ‘ole Nick at Nite shows from childhood. Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Mr Ed and Green Acres! Batman, starring Adam West. Get Smart, and one of my all-time favorites… Gilligan’s Island! These are such precious gems in the history of sitcom television. I remember hanging out in the evening with my dad, on our golden velvety couch or in my bean bag chair on the floor, watching these classics.

To my disappointment, Netflix had NONE of them! How can this be??

Now, I wouldn’t be able to scratch my ’60’s sitcom itch, and even worse… my kids wouldn’t have the chance to grow up with the influence of Andy Griffith, and DonnaJeannie_400 Reed! Now, it’s Little Liars, and Big Brother (sorry Mom… it’s trash!). The Bachelor and 16 and Pregnant.

Sure, they’re just TV shows, but it’s also a reflection of society. When I was a kid, Nickelodeon showed funny, family-friendly shows that promoted integrity, and often times taught lessons. Gilligan’s Island taught us how to get along with neighbors that we sometimes disagree with and are all-together different than. Jeannie taught us that even if we’re stuck in a bottle, to look at the glass half full. Dennis the Menace showed us the importance of always apologizing, no matter how many times we screw up. Batman showed us the importance of being prepared!


The shows now are filthy rags of bad moral fiber. Mind-numbing garbage.

Back in the day, the shows were real (bad effects and all!), the actors and actresses were REAL.

So, in closing… TV today sucks, and so does Netflix.

And our date night ended in blogging, and snoring 🙂