DIY No-Sew Doggy BED… That ANYONE Can Make

Finished Abby bed_600

Shut the front door… Stephanie made a doggy bed?

Yes, that’s right! I don’t know how to sew, and I’m not the most craftiest mom on the block. No PTA awards for best classroom cupcakes, or nominations for best decorated living room. But, nonetheless, I made our dear doodle a bed that she LOVES. And I’m quite proud.

I considered lying out the rear, and writing in great lengths the many difficult steps in creating this K9 bed, but I decided against it. Here’s the scoop on how to make your own Fido a bed he’ll cherish each and every day in 10 easy steps, and under $12…

#1- Go to your local fabric store, with colors in mind. I went to Joanne’s because they were having an awesome sale, and because it is less than a mile from my house. I chose red because it matches my living room decor (AKA couch pillows).

#2- Browse until you find the color/pattern/fabric you like, or wander aimlessly untilbed 2_400 someone comes to help you. I did a little of both. With some help from the lovely fabric counter lady, we decided on a double-sided fleece fabric. Do not pick a light-weight cotton fabric. This seems like common sense, but I know that is lacking by so many these days, I must clarify. Pick a fabric that will withstand the use by your dog…

#3- Some people may have figured out what size they’d like the bed prior to the trip to the fabric store. Since I really had no clue what I was doing, the nice lady helped me again. I used my arms to show her how big Abby is, and she helped me decide how big the bed should be. Step #3 (or part of step #1 if you are one of those people that are well-prepared) is to figure out the size of bed. Keep in mind any space limitations you may have where the bed will be going. Also, you will be cutting six and a half inch strips on all sides, so add an additional 13″ to the length and width to accommodate.

#4- At home, lay the fabric out, one layer on top of the other. For Abby’s bed, I cutting bed_200decided that one side would be the pattern, and one side would be solid red. Start on one end of the flat fabric, measure six and a half inches and safety pin. I used a ruler to measure, and a broom stick to keep me on track. I didn’t safety pin at each cut. Just do enough to keep your fabric in place. Each cut piece was about two inches wide. I’ll be honest, not all of my cuts were six and a half inches long, and not all of my strips were 2 inches wide… and the bed turned out great.

#5- Super important… you will end up cutting the corners out, 6.5 inch by 6.5 inch. If you don’t do this, you will experience extreme confusion when you get to the corner!

#6- I cut one side at a time, and then I tied that side. Again, wonderful fabric lady showed me how to tie the best knot for the project. I proceeded to forget before arriving home, so I did a double knot and it worked just fine. Cut all sides, but only tie three until the next step. If you forget… and tie all four sides without putting the stuffing in, laugh at yourself, because you know everyone else would!

#7- Stuff it. There is stuffing you can buy at the craft store, but I used an old comforter. Don’t have an extra comforter? Grab one at a second-hand store.

stuffing bed_600

#8- Tie the fourth side.

#9- Plump and prod the stuffing until it is evenly distributed.

#10- Sit back, enjoy your creation, and take pictures of pup excited for her new bed. We gave her the bed for Christmas. I actually hid it until that morning. I wanted her to be surprised! As everyone else was enjoying their gifts (See Alexis trying on new shoes), Abby enjoyed her bed, right there in the middle of the Christmas mess.

bed mess_600

What you’ll need:

– Durable fabric

– Good scissors

– Safety pins

– Stuffing (store-bought, or an old comforter)

I had fun making the bed, but it also prompted some girl Phoenix bedlexi bed_200time. Alexis was motivated to make something of her own, so she got the sewing kit out and was creating her own masterpieces. Phoenix didn’t really join in the activity, but she did join us in the living room, and was participating in the conversation for the most part. A wonderful bed… and a wonderful day. I love my life!

Fabric counter lady gave me a gem of advice that I’ll have to hold onto…”Perfection is not the goal. Better to get it done than to aim for perfection”.