Make America First Again

Everyone talks about how Trump hates minorities, yet he’s married to a minority. Hillary claims to be pro-woman and equal rights, yet she’s married to a womanizer.

I agree that Trump says some stupid things, but Hillary is a professional politician… trained in the art of deceit. A dangerous and manipulative smooth-talker, that thinks she is above the law.

I’m tired of politics as usual. And Hillary is politics as usual.

Do I think Trump will be the best president ever? No. But I do think he is passionate about putting America and the law-abiding Americans that live here FIRST. I think Hillary cares more about keeping face in front of world leaders, and being willing to sacrifice a few American lives here and there if necessary.

Our country is full of compassionate citizens. Americans give more to charities than any other country in the world. We, as Americans, need to keep up the good work in reaching out to the poor and underprivileged, but we need a president that protects US first.

Hillary Clinton and the rest of the lifetime politicians are getting rich by ‘serving’ the people. Has anyone ever stopped to think about why so many pro-choicers in the government are die-hard Planned Parenthood fans? How it is so easy for them to overlook the scandals by this organization? Because Planned Parenthood has a huge lobby budget. It has been implied that if Planned Parenthood didn’t exist, that women wouldn’t get their annual exams. Give us some freaking credit!!!! Planned Parenthood isn’t the savior of women’s health. Women are smart. We’ll get our annual exams with or without Planned Parenthood. And really this isn’t even about this death machine, slaughter shop… it is about the support our legislators give it. I would say that more politicians outwardly shout from the rooftops their support of Planned Parenthood, than they do virtually any other organization. Kaiser Permanente for example… I’m pretty sure Kaiser has given more annual exams to women, saved more women from cervical cancer, helped more women safely get through pregnancy and labor, and provided more birth control than Planned parenthood has! Yet we don’t hear Hillary Clinton championing for them! Kaiser must not have offered her enough money.

I don’t even like Trump’s slogan… “Make America Great Again”… America is great. We’ve had our moments that bad decisions were made, but ultimately, America is the best country in the world. We have opportunity, we have compassion, we have beauty, we have diversity. We are strong. We are ambitious. We are resilient. I think a better slogan would be “Make America FIRST Again”. And Trump is the one to do that FAR before Hillary would ever consider it.

My family will continue to sponsor children in third world countries, and volunteer our time and money to local causes. We represent the compassionate bones of America. But damn it… I want a president that puts my family and my country first. A president that is more committed to our safety and perseverance than to sending aid to foreign countries. And out of the two options, that sure the hell ain’t Hillary.