My Writing Oath

I get hung up so easily. Pinning wisdom on my Writing Board, reading articles about the best medium for ‘writing’, exploring surveys on what type of blog I should write, or what the best time to post is… They are all hang ups.

My biggest hang up? Asking why someone would want to read what I just wrote. What is the purpose? Why does anyone care? Are my thoughts helpful? Do they make the world a better place? I’ve written plenty a post that goes unpublished because I can’t fathom why anyone would want to read it. I don’t like the world to revolve around me, I like to remain an invisible partner with the world… so it’s awkward to put something out into the world about me, and solely me. It’s not so difficult to write a political rant. That’s not about me. That’s about making a point… it has purpose. But writing about me? Oh, that’s so uncomfortable, so vulnerable, almost embarrassing. So, why do it? I’m a writer. That’s what writers do. (I’m trying to convince myself). Some of the best, most genuine stuff comes out of being vulnerable.

Hang ups. Left and right, and up and down.

I fear messing up my chances of being a ‘real’ writer. If I fill my blog with random nonsense… a mix of all things life, not just a menu of a different take on the same old stuff… Vegan recipes, or getting fit, or parenting tips… I’ll just come across as random, not a real writer. Well, I am quite random if you want to know the truth. And Christi Krug, a wonderful writing teacher, told our class one day, that if you write… you are a writer, and you need to claim that title… and not to be intimidated by it.

Dang it… I’M A WRITER. And this is my blog. And I’m going to write for no other purpose than to write. So, if you are reading this and want to join me on this journey… fabulous, jump aboard. If not… that’s OK, because I’m not writing for you, or anyone else. I’m writing for me.

My writing oath is to write, even when there is no purpose. Even when I can’t fathom why anyone would read what I write. I’m going to write. Because I am a writer.