I Love My Husband

I have a shirt that says, “I Love My Husband”. It’s a cheesy shirt, I admit. I begrudgingly bought it when I didn’t like Jesse so much. We were going through a phase. I wouldn’t say it was a dark time (we’ve had those too). It was a time when we just weren’t getting along. We weren’t close. We weren’t doing life together. We were easily irritated with each other. We were living separate lives under the same roof.

I bought the shirt as a reminder that I love my husband. Love is a choice. Even though I didn’t feel like loving him during this phase, I still needed to choose to love him. I bought this shirt to encourage myself to make the choice to keep loving him, and to change my attitude. Because really, it all comes down to attitude.

That’s it y’all… attitude! It’s not that your man leaves the toilet seat up, or that he snores too loud, or that he doesn’t know the right time to hug you when you are upset… it is your attitude towards these things! And guys… it’s not that your woman has an annoying voice, or that she complains about the amount of sports that you watch, or that she’s gained some weight since the vows… it is your attitude towards these things!

I learned long ago that I can’t change Jesse’s attitude, I can only change mine. But time and time again, I have seen amazing things happen with him and our relationship when I take that first step and bite the bullet and change my attitude (even when I KNOW that I’m right and he’s WRONG 🙂 )

I am very open in saying that marriage is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Part of me thinks it’s because I married an extremely difficult, stubborn man that has issues. But I look around and it seems marriage is a struggle for 99% of couples I know. And it’s heart-breaking that so many end in divorce.

There have been a couple times in our marriage that we could have easily thrown in the towel. It would have been easier to quit that fix what was broken. But we didn’t. It sucked then, but I’m so happy now.

Jesse is still the most stubborn, difficult person I know. But diligently pushing through the dark times, the shadowy times, the times of just not really like him… I’ve learned to love him more, and I’ve become a better person. I can honestly say that I love him so much, and right now, I even like him.

Don’t give up, people! Buy a shirt, make a list of all the positive qualities and focus on those, and for the love of sanity… stop complaining about your spouse. Change your attitude, and you’ll change your marriage.

That’s my two-cents on the subject. Good luck… you’ll need it!

Here’s me doing a photo shoot in a construction zone… Wearing my shirt, and sporting the new Danner work boots the hubby got me for my bday!