Sequestered with Teens; Day Three

Today seemed really long, and at the same time, I don’t know how it is 8:30pm already. I made myself a smoothie for breakfast this morning, but it seems like that was days ago.

The day was somewhat uneventful. I had no technical issues with work stuff. The kids did their chores with few complaints. Jesse and I walked the dog. I didn’t cry*.

By the end of the day, Ayden was yelling and screaming, saying that he’s going insane. I tried to get a picture of his craziness for this post… but he wouldn’t let me. And he’s bigger than me. And he wants to break something. I didn’t think I should push my luck. He was also trying to chug all the alcohol in the house. Maybe we need to invest in a locked cabinet. He painted his bedroom door.

I think Abby likes us home. She rarely leaves my side during the day.

Look how sweet she was. So innocent.

The girls left for work around 1:30pm. Lexi was in such a great mood in the morning. I thought she was just happy to be leaving the house for work.

Later, Jesse and I drove by their work and low and behold… no Lexi. So… she lied. I know she eventually went to work because we drove by later. But there is a few hours that she could’ve been no where other than hanging out with her boyfriend, which we strictly forbid her to do.

The other day I found a school journal I wrote from 1994. One of the entries was about the kind of parent I want to be. I wrote about how great my parents are, and about trying not to have PMS and keeping my anger under control when I eventually have my own kids. And then I go on to say, “I will notice if one of my children has done something wrong but [if] he/she tells me the truth then they won’t get in as much trouble. The truth, and honesty is very important”. Twenty-six years later, I agree whole-heartedly with that statement. And my oldest child agrees that I’ve stayed that course.

The girls are now home, enjoying pork tenderloin and brussel sprouts. Everyone’s in a dandy mood. Alexis has no idea I know. I’m going to give her an opportunity to come clean.

*I DID cry! My girl Kim C popped out little baby C this morning! She sent me pics. I am so dang happy for her. I cried. Wish I could go bring them presents and snuggle that little baby!