Sequestered with Teens; Day Five

It was hard to get out of bed this morning. Almost like I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself once I was up. This is almost comical considering the long laundry list of household to-do’s I have.

The whole day was kind of blah. Everyone just seemed low.

We also cheated a bit. The five of us went over to our rental house and finished the yard. Jesse has done most of the work, and the house looks fantastic. Now we need the grass seed to do its job. Fingers crossed! It is such a relief to be done. We’ve been working on this house since September.

You would think the kids would be happy to be out of the house with something to DO. No. But honestly, I was probably as excited to be working out in the rain as they were. Walk in the rain? Sign me up. Working in the yard in the rain? No thanks.


I felt very alone today. Alone doing yoga, alone cleaning the kitchen, alone driving to the store, alone folding laundry, alone eating dinner. A house full of people. And I was alone. How does that work? I consciously knew that I could keep moping around. And I was tempted. Really tempted, because why not just go with the flow of how I was feeling? Instead I decided to put in a little effort. I walked Abby and called my mother figures. My mum and my dear Kym. I won’t lie… there’s still the smug cloud hovering, but it was nice to chat with them and feel connected.

I think it’s time to binge watch The Hunters with the hubby. Tomorrow is a new day. With new adventures within the confines of our house. lol. But as my dad would always say, “Every day is a blessing!”