More Than Mental Notes

I have Fall vegetable seeds to plant, but have yet to pull the spent Spring plants out of the ground. I am leading a Bible study and lately, I’ve been doing all five days of the study, the day before we gather. I want to avoid sugar, but can’t say no to the hazelnut syrup for my coffee. I found a five-minute fun exercise to do everyday for a month… five days ago and haven’t even attempted it. I’m writing a book that at the rate I’m writing will be published posthumously, completed by someone else. My alarm goes off and I push snooze at least six times, or just simply turn it off. I’m late to work, late back from lunch, late to bed.

Frankly, my self-discipline is sucking as hard as one of those expensive Kirby’s. (You know… the alleged indestructible vacuum that is sold door-to-door. I’ve heard you can literally jump on it without breaking it. My sister has one. I texted her and asked if she’s ever jumped on it. As of publishing this, I have not gotten a response. Stay tuned for an update)

I’m getting done what I need to get done. But there’s a difference between just living and thriving. And oddly… I think self-discipline is a major piece of the ‘thriving’ puzzle. Without it, I apparently just stumble through my day, which turns into my week, and before I know it a month has gone by.

While browsing Pinterest the other day (while probably slacking on what I should’ve been doing at that time), I ran across this little gem; “Self-Discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts…”

I’m a go-getter. I’m a planner and achiever. My self-indulgence, lack of care and zeal and motivation, and my over-all undisciplined behavior is quite simply a result of unmastered thoughts.


Unmastered thoughts.

That sounds pretty feeble.

I am not weak. After following the rabbit trail of my lack of self-discipline, I sure am acting like it!

I’m living. My life is actually pretty great right now. But am I thriving? Am I waking up excited for the day and all that’s coming my way? Am I making the most out of each blessing God has given me? Am I being responsible with the resources at hand? Am I all that I can be?


My life will not be victim to my thoughts. I do declare. Will I sleep in sometimes? Yes. Will I binge-watch the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice series until 4am at some point? Absolutely, 100% for sure. Will I drink that hazelnut latte without guilt? Sometimes yes!

I want my daily habits to reflect the life I strive for. A life that blooms and booms and blossoms and prospers.

Apparently this doesn’t start with me begrudgingly forcing my miserable butt out of bed when that alarm sounds in the dark hours of the wee morning. It starts with the first thoughts that come to mind when The Rascals wake me up with “It’s a Beautiful Morning…”. Yes, that’s really my alarm. I know I know… how can that bring me anything but joy at 6:30am. Good question.

What will my first thoughts be? I get to choose. I am the master of my mind. Here we go… Thank you Lord for letting me participate in this day. It’s time to get up. I can do this. Today is going to be great. And if I need to, I can take a nap on my lunch break.

*And let’s be real… for added security on the wake-up process… I’m putting my alarm on the other side of the room.

I will start my day with gratitude, acknowledging the One that gives these lungs breath, a little encouragement, and I’ll dangle an incentive in front of me (Naps are amazing. Such a treat).

It’s a start.

Crazy that a thriving life starts rights here in this head of mine. Time to take control and get on with it.

Just for fun