Superhero and Zombie Days

You know those days when you are ON. Moving fast, efficient… like a Mommy Superhero. Unloading the dishwasher while negotiating your cable contract with the Xfinity rep from Indonesia. Making your grocery list while rinsing the conditioner out of your hair. Going from one room to another, putting things in their rightful place like a scientist perfecting the DNA mapping of a chimpanzee. Ok, that may be pushing it. Those days though… Mm. They feel great. Conquer-the-World kind of days.

Today is not one of those days. Today is a day of sitting up in bed and letting my mind wander into far away lands of What-If scenarios and made-up conversations, and then crashing back to reality, thinking… what am I doing? Or walking out of my bathroom to the laundry room for the jug of vinegar to then take the vinegar back to my bathroom to pour in a bottle, to then walk the jug back to the laundry room, and then back to my bathroom. UM… why didn’t I just take the bottle into the laundry room?? And while I’m at it… why didn’t I take the laundry basket from my room to the laundry room on one of the many trips back and forth rather than NOW needing to make ANOTHER trip from my bedroom to the laundry room. *I am definitely achievement-oriented… maybe I should count my steps. I’d feel like a rockstar stepper on days like this!

All day today, I have struggled with my mind wandering. I’ve been ultra distracted, starting one thing and losing myself in another. I have found myself staring at a situation and almost feeling like the solution was in a foreign language that I couldn’t grasp. I’ve wondered more than a few times what I should be doing at any given moment.

This morning, I listened to Tony Robbins talk about figuring out where we are wasting time and learning to work more efficiently. In light of my behavior today, I’d say this was a cruel joke from the universe.

When all is said and done though… I fed and walked the dog, I hit my goals at work, and when my amazing husband arrived home with fresh-caught crab and sea bass for dinner… I had his favorite cupcake waiting for him. So even though I was an aimlessly wandering zombie woman for most of the day… it was still a success. There’s always tomorrow to conquer the world.