Oh My Gosh, It’s December 2nd!

Yesterday I blogged a feel-better-about-the-anxiety-of-year-end-coming. It was great. Check it out if you have time. It’s all about no regret about the past year and no fear for the upcoming year. It’s about perspective and time and yada yada yada. All peace-loving, stay-in-the-moment kind of crap that keeps me sane.


Have you ever taken Lions Mane? It’s a mushroom. Strangest mushroom I’ve ever seen. It belongs to the tooth fungus group and it’s white and shaggy and beautiful and ugly. It has proven benefits to help with anxiety and mental focus. Proven by me. And my husband. And my brother-in-law. It has a host of other benefits, but none proven by me so ask Google (or Duck Duck Go better yet) about those. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a Lions Mane regimen… and it’s high time I do it again.

My brain is mush. I missed my eye exam this morning. I thought it was next week. I cannot focus on any one thing for more than a couple of minutes ESPECIALLY if I don’t particularly care about the task. I lose my train of thought. I wonder what the heck I’m doing. I wonder why the heck I am here. I wonder what my purpose in life is and what I’m doing with myself. Trying to decide what shoes to wear in the morning and whether or not I want to make a major investment both take far too much brain power. I feel hyper active which makes me feel crazy. I think I need a nap.

And to top it off… I only have 23 days left for Christmas. That’s not enough time for all of the holly jolly books, movies, and music I must consume during this season! I just finished my first Christmas book (Kristen Hannah’s Comfort and Joy… super cheesy and unrealistic; exactly how Christmas novels should be).  I’ve been listening to Christmas music for over a week (Kelly Clarkson Wrapped In Red. YESSSSS). My house is mostly decorated and shopping is underway. My grandma and I kicked off the season with It’s a Wonderful Life. We even roasted chestnuts (I don’t recommend it unless you like sweet beans). I love Christmas. So much. If I had to vote between Christmas or Books… I think Christmas would win. But I don’t know. That’s a tough one.

There are Christmas lights to see, bazaars to visit, presents to wrap, sweaters to wear, treats to eat, friends and family to visit. So much good. So much good that I feel overwhelmed. Wait… that is the antithesis of what this season should be. It’s like I’m throwing up Christmas everywhere, and its bright lights are shooting out my eyes like I’m Superman (or maybe more like the maniac, Homelander).

I need a lunch bag to hyperventilate into. Please make it sparkly and festive.

This is not sustainable and to break down at Christmas time is just simply not an option.

Ok… I’ll make a deal with myself. I’m going to fit as much fun-loving Christmas into the next 23 days as I can, but only so much that I can handle without landing myself in the looney-bin. And I better work on this brain of mine. I actually think disorganized jumbled Christmas-spirit-overload may be part of my problem. My plan of action: Take a few minutes to review my calendar, create a to-do list and get grounded. Stay in the moment. Take Lions Mane. Choose NOT to multi-task until I’m no longer hyperactive. Meditate. Get up with my alarm (oh now I’ve gone too far). Order some XS Energy drink (very helpful for focus! Yes, totally promoting this product. My dear friend sells it. It’s sugar free and doesn’t make me jittery. They also have fabulous cleaning supplies. lol). And above all… I’m going to just enjoy the smells and sights and sounds of this ever so beloved season. It’s Christmas. Did I mention that I love Christmas?