The Dump & A Soap Box

There’s nothing quite like a weekend trip to the dump. I don’t know how we (or should I say, Jesse the Hubster) collects so much junk!

The foul smell of rotting garbage is almost too much to handle. But what I was overwhelmed with on this trip was the sheer magnitude of trash produced by a somewhat small city… and this was only ONE of our dumps! I don’t understand how our entire planet isn’t covered in heeps of trash! After it sits and rots at the local dump… where does it go? I probably don’t want to know the answer.

At the expense of looking like a complete weirdo, I decided to take pictures to share. As I took pictures, I saw items that I was astonished to see… pallets for instance (I’m somewhat obsessed with pallets). Paint cans. A ball of yarn.


I KNOW I’m not the only Pinner in the world. Hello PEOPLE!! Those items are good, useful items that could be turned into treasures!! Put them on Craigs List for free… they will be picked up!


On top of that, don’t people know how to recycle?

And lastly, get some reusable shopping bags for the love of Pete. By far the most common item I spotted was plastic bags. If you are against reusable shopping bags, at least recycle the bags at Winco.


There you have it… my dump experience from my soapbox.

Until we meet again…