Abby… Guest Contributor YOU Don’t Want to Miss!

One thing hardly anyone knows about me is that I was born a puppy. A fluffy, black, curly-haired puppy. Big brown eyes, and all that puppies are made of.

The day started out like any other. Howling and chewing, eating and pooping, sleeping and playing. I was hanging out in the pen with my two brothers and three sisters. My twin sister and I were finding our singing voices. We howled and yodeled and screamed occasionally. Our siblings acted like we were the most annoying creatures on earth. We didn’t care. We liked to make noise. We liked to chew on each other’s ears… on each other’s feet… sometimes even on each other’s faces. I didn’t like the face chewing so much… my sister had puppy breath… Yuck!

Time stood still when a giant of a man came walking in. I could barely see his eyes he was so tall, they were so far away from me. The light shone on him like an angel. I instantly knew that I loved him.

I forgot about my sister and ran into his arms when he knelt down.

He picked me up. I could see the whole world from his arms. He smelled good. Like dirt. Like love.

Abby puppy

He took me out the front door and set me on the seat of his truck, and took me home to my new sisters and brother.

I loved them, and they loved me. Alexis smelled like dance floor, and paints. Phoenix smelled like a bird, and pages of a book. Ayden smelled like a basketball, and something smelly that I think was video games.

I was only eight weeks old then. I became accustomed to my life quickly.

I’m now two and a half years old. I enjoyed my puppy days, but now I’m human. I love being human. I still love my mom and dad, and sisters and brother. I even love my brother, Fletcher the bird.

Abby and Fletch

My dad cuts my hair, just like he cuts my brother’s. We all take walks together. And my mom talks to me, just like she talks to everyone else. Not sure why I still have to sleep on the floor, but that’s ok, life’s good being human.