First Favorite Fridays…Thankfulness

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I am not a ‘favorites’ kind of person. It seems I always have more than one favorite thing in any given subject. Maybe it is because I am a Libra. Maybe I’m just happy go-lucky, go-with-the-flow, love everybody, and excited about all things… well, maybe not ALL things. Raisins don’t excite me.

This week, life has been slowly leading me down the path of delirium. I’m not sure why. In all honestly, I’ve had less on my plate of to-do’s this week than usual. But nonetheless, headed for delirium I have been. (I said that in the voice of Yoda).

Yesterday, I found myself alone in my office, the phones silent, no radio on… just the sound of my own breath and the tapping of the keyboard… then suddenly I started singing, “These are a few of my favorite things…”. Very random. And although I have a great job, it would probably not make the top ten favorite things in my life. It was then that I decided to explore my world of favorites… and share it all with you!

This week I am featuring my favorite ATTITUDE. My favorite attitude is THANKFULNESS. I know that when I am thankful, I can conquer any situation. This is easier said than done in the darkest circumstances, but it still remains true.


I sometimes hate the monotony of washing dishes and have a garbage-trunk kind of attitude about it… Oh no! I need to be THANKFUL that I have dishes, and running water! Some days I dread mowing the lawn… Oh no! I should choose to be THANKFUL that I have a home with grass, and that I do not suffer from any physical handicap that would prevent me from being able to mow. Quite often, I’ve gotten irritated that my husband can’t seem to get his dirty socks in the laundry hamper… Oh no! OH YES!! BUT, I shall Be THANKFUL that divorce exists… HAHA… just kidding. I will be THANKFUL that I have a husband, that I have a laundry basket, that I am lucky enough to be able to clothe my household in clean clothes! Being thankful has changed my life, and therefore changed my attitude towards everything. It has actually flipped a switch in my brain. Now, when I pick up stinky dirty socks that lie next to the hamper, I shake my head and laugh… after-all… REALLY?? 🙂

Last night, I laid in bed, unable to sleep partly because my mind was racing, but mostly because Jesse the Hubster was sawing logs next to me, I thought about this concept of THANKFULNESS. I tried practicing the art, reminding myself that I am sooo THANKFUL for this wonderful man lying next to me. I figured this was a test that I needed to conquer. Then it hit me… there is a box of Breathe Right Strips in the hall… I found my THANKFULNESS and I found sleep.


Paul tells us in Ephesians to give thanks always for all things… and if he can live with that attitude… I can be thankful through some dirty socks and snoring.

Until we meet again…