Monday Morning… Here Already??


Monday mornings, toughest of all.

How I wish for longer weekends, whether Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Why does Saturday fly by so fast?

Why must Sunday now be in the past?

Cinnamon rolls are done in the oven…

Time to go wake up my wonderful coven.

What?!? You have homework? That should’ve been done.

You know the rules: responsibilities and THEN fun in the sun!

Brush your teeth, please feed the dog…

Aren’t you glad we don’t have a pet hog?

Clean socks in the dryer, and grab your lunch boxes.

Time’s running out, so be quick as little foxes.

Out the door, and running like mad.

You GET to go to school, you’re lucky, be glad.

Send offs with loves, reminders, and hugs.

This week’s gonna fly, oh how I love my three little bugs…

And as always… Until we meet again…