Dad Dad Daddio…

baby and dad_600

Gold velvetee couch, an orange door, a homemade basketball hoop, a gravel driveway.

A yellow banana seat bike, fishing on Salmon Creek. Crying when you beat the poor trout’s head on a rock.

Setting up everyone’s tents at camping, wearing a ridiculous neon green button-up, listening to Mariners games on the radio. Early morning jogs on the beach.


Drexler running off and rolling in dead things, or jumping out the car window.

A blackberry fight at the park in Summer. Walking on Vancouver Lake when it was frozen in Winter. Swimming, sledding.

Goonies, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future… classics. And Ramblin Rod and Looney Tunes too.

Bike rides at night, and treeforts in the Cherry tree. A gymnast bar that I broke my wrist on.

Slip’n Slide, my cast wrapped in a plastic bag.

Slip and slide_600

Frozen Salisbury streak, and homemade tuna fish casserole.

An old steam engine coming to town.

Christmas at Grandma’s house, 24/7 It’s a Wonderful Life.

Blue-paneled station wagon, a red Saab, and an old beat up pickup that we were terribly embarrassed to ride in.

Tucking us in, singing Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Home on the Range, and Love Me Do.

The Who, Black Crows, Mellencamp, and Heart.

Baseball in the backyard, a diamond in the lawn, and a backstop you made yourself.

Esther, Pickle, Maynard, oh my.

A woodstove and a broken water pipe.

Hitting a baseball through my first grade teacher’s window… and finding a janitor like the noble man that you are.

Coaching my YMCA team, and never missing a school game.

Trips to Seattle, and trips to Corvallis.

The most amazing scrapbook gift for graduation.

Being the most reliable, accepting, and supportive person I know… and an amazing grandpa too.

Dad and girls_600

My biggest cheerleader, my #1 fan. My role model, my dad.

Thank you for everything Dad. I love you.

dad and me_600