Project Dad’s Porch

pallet pile_600

I have a thing for pallets. I get as excited about them as my kids do for Christmas morning. With that being said, I haven’t really done much with them other than ooh and ahh. My pinterest boards may tell you otherwise… but those are just my pallet dreams.

I recently did my first pallet project with the help of my husband. We make a great team. I’m the brains, he’s the braun :).

My dad is a great guy… but his porch is ridiculous! So along came… Project Dad’s Porch.

before dad porch_600

What really sprung this plan into action was the free fuse box that I found at a garage sale. It was love at first site. I instantly knew that the fuses needed to be ripped out, and the box made into an awesome planter. Jesse the Hubster wasn’t convinced, but he loves me, so he loaded it into the car and even removed the fuses before we had any further conversations about it. He is wonderful.

Jesse was also able to find some free pallets (few things are better than FREE PALLETS!), we had screws lying around, and great left over soil from our garden, so to create the masterpiece I had in mind, we just needed to purchase paint and strawberry plants.

Throw these ingredients together, and voila… a pallet table and a strawberry planter. So fun. It cost less than $20, and would’ve cost less had I not picked such a marvelously ridiculous color of spray paint, and picked up the plants when they were on sale… but hey, the pallets were free!

pallet table_600

I’m no Martha Stewart, or Pinterest Pro, but I must admit, the porch looks better. Hopefully the plants will survive. Next… what to do with that bench?

porch after_600

Until we meet again…