School’s Out… WooHoo!

Happy kids_600Nothing shouts “HAPPY KIDS!” like the start of Summer break.

I’m pretty sure Phoenix was smiling before her eyes even opened, and she got up far earlier than normal. After school, Ayden came gallivanting down the sidewalk to the car. His arms were flopping around, a grin from ear to ear, he may have even twirled. It reminded me of a scene from a dancing musical feature… The Sound of Music maybe? He is usually the last one to the car and walking extremely slow (which could explain how I accidentally left him last week!!!), last day of school… he was first out.

As you’ve maybe seen in my “Monday Madness” post, life is CRAZY busy. And even though school is out, homework’s on hold, basketball’s on break, and dance is just about to be over… somehow I can still manage to make my life crazy busy.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to play more. So this Summer I plan to make it a point to play more. I’m taking a day and a half off. I plan to get my writing and work done in the morning before the kids get up, and then the rest of the day is reserved for play, relaxation, trips to the river, reading books… That’s the plan… we’ll see how well I do!

Happy Summer everyone… Until we meet again…