Sequestered with Teens; Day One

Governor Inslee followed suit of fellow West Coast governors and ordered Washingtonians to ‘stay put’ in their homes, only leaving to work at jobs essential to keeping the world spinning, to go get food, and to seek needed medical attention.

Well… this is going to be interesting.

Meet my family…

Jesse. Amazing husband. Loud, chews tobacco, swears like a sailor, likes to work with his hands, and has far too much to do to be stuck at home. Loves me more than life itself. But we’ve never had to spend two full weeks together.

Phoenix. Our oldest. She works for a pharmacy 20-hours a week, and is a full-time college student. Much to her dismay, all of her classes are now online. But she won’t have a problem staying busy during the next two weeks.

Ayden. Only son. Loud like his father. High School senior this year that isn’t the least bit disappointed to miss all the hoopla that graduating high school brings. He worked at a car wash, and is now laid off. Favorite hobby is playing video games and yelling obnoxiously at his friends via headphones while playing. He was in the middle of building a house with his construction class, so he is disappointed that he won’t finish that. He doesn’t seem too upset about being stuck at home. He plans to work out every day.

Alexis. Our youngest, and by far our most social. If she had her choice, she would only be home to shower, sleep, and maybe sometimes eat. The next two weeks are going to be rough for this one. She told me this morning that she’s moving in with her boyfriend. She actually works for a pharmacy as well, but it seems she has opted for few hours lately in order to utilize her time with friends. She may be regretting that at this point… at least work would get her out of the house.

Today, I am at my office. I’m in insurance, so according to the 14-page list of essential jobs… I qualify. But I can also work from home. So tonight, we’ll be packing up our stuff and working from home the rest of the time. I’m not sure what to expect, but I anticipate I should be savoring every moment of today.

I really don’t know what our plan is. I thought about ordering John Maxwell’s Attitude 101 book for everyone to read. Although that is a fabulous idea… I don’t know that it would be worth the complaining I would be forced to endure.

So here we are… leaping into the great unknown, extensive family time, working from home, limiting our movement. Today, the kids were given simple chores and a few newspaper articles to read. Tomorrow… maybe they can clean out the garage 🙂