Sequestered with Teens; Day 10

Today we hit day ten,

still locked in our household pen.

The governor extended the call to Stay ’til May.

How will I keep these teens at bay?

Ayden says he’s tired of sleeping,

Alexis finished 500 pages of reading.

Jesse, Phoenix, and I all had to work,

A privilege it is, definitely a perk.

The day was neither good, nor bad,

A tad bleak, gray, and a little sad.

Our lives in slow chaotic plunder,

The only norm; nighttime slumber.

Wheels are turning, plans being made,

a new-norm schedule needed for this brigade.

So many thoughts swirling in my mind,

How to stay safe, stay sane, a balance we must find.

When to give in, When to say No

To be a parent is both friend and foe.

Tomorrow is Friday, what can I say?

As Katie says, I’m not fragile like Faberge…

you can’t break me… no… no way.

Hey Hey Hey