Sequestered with Teens; Day 11

Today was interesting. Who would’ve thought that we’d be planning a birthday celebration and measuring out individual spots for our attendees to stand?

Today is Phoenix’s boyfriend’s birthday. We had to do something! But in light of the order to stay away from people, a traditional party was out of the question. Taking him out to eat also out of the question.

So we did what any rational family would do…

Ayden put large tent stakes in the ground in the front yard, making sure to separate each stake by a minimum of six feet. The girls tied balloons on each stake. We set up Jesse’s monstrous camping chair and decorated it with streamers and balloons. We purchased individually packaged cupcakes and set them at each stake as to minimize people moving around. Each person had a spot designated to stand and stay.

The birthday boy thought he was swinging by to get a cake. But instead he got attacked by silly string. Then, like a good sport, he sat in the giant chair while we sang Happy Birthday and The Star Spangled Banner to him. Yes, The Star Spangled Banner. That is something Phoenix randomly started a while back. My dad jumped on that bandwagon super fast and was always the loudest to sing. No one said my family is normal.

My mother continued to douse Alexis with silly string. Phoenix kept spraying it on her boyfriend (who definitely got her back). It was freezing cold, but thank the good lord above, it didn’t rain. There were a lot of air-hugs given. I do think my mom and grandma broke the six foot rule and bumped bums… again… don’t expect normalcy here.

It was such a nice break in the monotony of the last week. Nice to have conversation. So nice to see people that make my heart happy. I have the best family. They showed up for maybe 10 minutes, all to show a little love to this guy. I couldn’t ask for more.

Only 30 more days.