Sequestered with Teens; Day 12

Today felt somewhat normal. Maybe because I actually wore jeans. Maybe because Jesse and I left the house together (for necessary errands). The day didn’t start great, but it’s wrapping up decently.

I woke up angry. Angry that the governor closed fishing. I’d say our risk of getting infected with the Coronavirus is pretty dang low out in the boat, and our risk of insanity is probably cut in half compared to staying at home. Angry that the atmosphere of this household rests so firmly on my shoulders. Can’t someone else steer us down the path of a positive outlook? Angry that I got on Facebook and allowed myself to get drawn into negativity… I know better.

Jesse said something, and I lost it. Crying, swearing, spewing anger at him. I’m sure I looked like a lunatic. I felt like an unstable nut case, and I’m sure my hair reflected the sentiment. He got momentarily defensive and then actually did a pretty good job of pulling down from the ledge of madness. That somehow equated to showing me vintage Hamm’s Beer commercials. And throughout the day, I saw that he heard me. I appreciated that.

The rest of the day was neither up, nor down. I cleaned. Lexi painted her room. Phoenix did almost nonstop homework. Ayden and Jesse worked on the dirt bike. I walked the dog and finished a book. We ate dinner together as a family, and played Clue. Ayden won. Mrs White murdered Mr Body in the Kitchen with the Revolver.

What a lovely day. And really, not normal at all. Our Saturdays are usually hectic, overloaded, all over the place, and not spent together.

Now, I’m going to go paint my toe nails. Another activity I rarely find time for. Maybe this Stay at Home Stay Healthy order isn’t all that bad………….. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. No, it’s bad. But it’s nice to have a little silver lining.